InquisiMunda Resources

What is "Inquisimunda"?

Well, it's difficult to say.

For years I've been a fan and player of Necromunda, Games Workshop's skirmish-level 28mm tabletop game set in the darkness of the Underhive. With the release of Necromunda: Underhive (sometimes refered to as "Necromunda, Version 2"), I've been missing the inclusion of the Arbitrator Scenario and the ability for simple Necromundan gangers to fight such diverse opponents as Chaos Space Marines, Eldar Rangers, and various beasts. I've always thought, 'how can Necromunda be adapted to utilize more of the 40K universe...?'

Inquisimunda is my answer to that. Taking the basic framework of Necromunda and adapting the ruleset to fit within the larger context of the 41st millenium. In this way, games are no longer restricted to simple gang fights between rival warlords of such petty squabbles as 'turf' or 'respect'. Instead, Inquisimunda allows players to fight as valiant (or cursed) Inquisitors working to preserve the Imperium, petty noble barons furthering their own agendas, Rogue Traders looking to explore strange new worlds (and get rich doing so), in addition to many others.

I should mention that the germination of this idea is NOT my own. For that, I have to thank migsula over at and his excellent thread "The Jade Vessel"

Of course, a player could still take any normal Necromundan gang (by using the Underworld Elements warband list) - a chance for the local gang to make a much bigger impression beyond the confines of the Underhive. Additionally, players can select warbands which are seeking the downfall of the Imperium or Xenos who have their own, rather inhuman, agenda.

So what will I need to play?

Players will need a copy of the Necromunda rulebook, appropriate miniatures and templates to play with, copies of the various rules expansions listed below, and a copy of their chosen warband list.

Would it be possible for you to include [insert 40K-something here]?


If you'd be interested in including something, please contact me via email.

Anything else?

Well, yes....

While it's fun to simply build a warband and have at it, Inquisimunda really shines when it has a GM to run a series of linked scenarios in a campaign. Inquisimunda, like Necromunda, is really about bridging the gap between a full-on RPG and tabletop wargaming.

....Okay, seriously, are you finished? Can I get to the good stuff?

Not yet.

A disclaimer:
Necromunda and its associated imagery and rules are property of Games Workshop. Inquisimunda is provided as a free supplement to the basic Necromunda gaming system and is not meant to infringe upon the intellectual property of Games Workshop. This ruleset is provided freely to gamers for their enjoyment and is not meant to infringe upon the intellectual property and/or business practices of Games Workshop.

...okay, I'm done. Have fun!


Compiled Inquisimunda Rules PDF (designed by Dennis Biegel, current as of 8/5/11)

The Basic Rules (Necromunda Rulebook)

Inquisimunda Rules Addendum v1.3

Expanded Armory v1.9a

Legendary Armory v1.0

Psychic Powers, Perils Of The Warp, & Wyrd Hired Guns v1.0

Species and Races v1.6a

Beast Corral v1.3 (replaces Bestiary v1.2)

Hired Guns v1.0

The Bizarre Bazaar v1.0

Allies List v1.0

Treacherous Conditions v1.0

Warbands - Imperial

Ordos (Inquisition) Teams (Malleus, Hereticus, Xenos) v1.4

AdMech Explorators v1.3

Ecclessiarchal Delegations (Ecclesiarchy, Redemptionist Cults, Temple Tendency Cult) v1.3 UPDATED!

Rogue Traders v1.2

Adeptus Arbites/Expurgators v1.3

IG Kill Teams v1.3 

Warbands - Neutral/Unaligned

Nobilist Factions ("Spyrers") v1.0

Underworld Elements v1.3

Mutant Mobs v1.4

Xenos Strike Force 1.0

Savage Tribes v1.0

Warbands - Diabolus

Genestealer Cults v1.3

Chaos Covens v1.2

Void Pirates/Corsairs (Freeboota Mobs) v1.3